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Are you a dedicated mum, driven by a burning desire to pursue your dreams and ambitions, yet feel like something is holding you back?


Is the weight of parental responsibilities and the recent challenges in life causing you to lose sight of your own dreams and aspirations? 


Do you yearn for more time, freedom, and fulfillment but find yourself struggling to break free from the chains of limitations and self-doubt?

Then you are in the right place!

Keep reading to find out more about The Limitless Mum Academy!

It's Time to Rise, Mum, and Embrace Your Limitless Power!

Transform Your Life, One Step at a Time


The Limitltless Mum Academy

Welcome to The Limitless Mum Academy

The extraordinary Mind Empowerment, Success & Confidence Training Hub was created especially for mums like you! 

Our mission is to empower you to overcome challenges, reclaim your worthiness, and confidently forge your path to an abundant and joyous life.


Embrace Your Dreams, Ignite Your Potential 


You deserve to live a life of passion and purpose, one where your dreams and desires are not just wishes but powerful beacons guiding you toward a fulfilling daily existence.

At The Limitless Mum Academy, we believe that every mum has the potential to unleash their greatness, and we are here to show you the way!


Transform Your Life, One Step at a Time 


Imagine a life where you wake up each morning, filled with excitement and purpose, ready to embrace the day with confidence and enthusiasm. A life where you no longer feel overwhelmed by fears or self-doubt, but instead, you stand tall, knowing that you are worthy of success and happiness.

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A range of courses to support you holistically. We cover emotional & mental wellbeing, success mindset, confidence & self esteem, motivation, dream building, time management,  and so much more - all aimed to set you up for successfully creating a life & business you love.

Live Mentoring & Support Sessions 

Receive real-time support and mentoring with Amber Cherelle via our live fortnightly community calls. 

Daily Mentoring Videos

Short daily videos to provide you with inspiration, ideas, quick tools & tips that you can take and apply to your life immediately.

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month I host a masterclass on a relevant topic. These are often based on questions or topics that frequently arise within the community.

Guest Expert Training

Our founding members and guest experts will come to talk to you live through interviews & training topics including but not limited to:

- Parenting

- Mindset

- Laughter Yoga

- PND & Mindfulness

- Breathwork & NLP

- Emotional Freedom Technique

- Business Creation & Expansion

Community Hub

Connect with like-minded mamas from all over the globe.

Each on their own unique personal development & entrepreneurial journeys.

You'll also be invited to take part in monthly community challenges to support you with accountability to apply everything you learn to your daily life.

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New courses will be added to the academy regularly. Listed below are the courses currently available to academy members.

Flourish & Flow


Introducing Flourish & Flow - The equation that brings you more time, presence, and freedom.


Our signature course, Flourish & Flow, is a transformative 9-week program designed to nurture your emotional well-being, provide mental clarity & honor your needs and desires.


Say goodbye to overwhelm and burnout, and welcome a life where you have more time, presence, and freedom to cherish the moments that truly matter.


Flourish & Flow will empower you to:


🌟 Create more time without sacrificing the things that need to be done.


🌟 Be present, fully engaged, and have more fun with your children.


🌟 Cultivate joy, calm, and contentment to live a fulfilled life.


🌟 Find freedom from the worries of the world and embrace inner peace.


🌟 Rediscover your energy and vitality to make the most of each day.

The Limitless Mum Academy (Course)


Embrace Limitless Confidence and Success 

The Limitless Mum Academy is an extraordinary success mindset & confidence program designed to take you on a year-long journey of personal growth; helping you to achieve your biggest dreams and ambitions!

Are you tired of feeling stuck, small, and unworthy? It's time to embrace your true potential and transform into the confident and empowered mum you were meant to be!


Enter The Limitless Mum Academy, a year-long success mindset and confidence program curated with 24 meticulously crafted modules. 


Each module is designed to guide you through a step-by-step process of unleashing your success mindset, releasing limitations, and cultivating unwavering confidence.


Discover the Academy-Exclusive Meditations, Visualizations, and Hypnotherapy Audios that will:


🌟 Ignite clarity in your dreams and aspirations.


🌟 Release limiting emotions and beliefs that hold you back.


🌟 Restore balance in your mind and body.


🌟 Access your inner wisdom and guidance.


🌟 Cultivate empowering emotions and boost your self-esteem.

The Limitless Mums Ultimate Success Planning System


Have you experienced disappointment in your goal-setting attempts? 


TheUltimate Success Planning System is here to revolutionize your approach to success!


Over six weeks, you will receive a comprehensive system for setting and achieving goals that truly matter to you. 


No more resolutions that fizzle out; instead, you'll create a clear action plan that keeps you motivated and consistent throughout the year.


You'll Receive:


🎯 A complete system for setting meaningful and achievable goals.


🎯 A clear action plan to kickstart your journey to success.


🎯 Planning tools to stay consistent and celebrate your accomplishments.


🎯 Self-accountability, empowering you to take charge of your destiny.

This unique system is a blend of tools I have gathered from my own mentors over the past 8 years!

During the past 2 years alone I have invested over £25,000 to get inside the circles of some of the most successful entrepreneurs AND to attend conferences & courses led by top success industry leaders.

Then tried, tested, embodied, and tweaked these to suit the busy mama's lifestyles that many of us ambitious mams are leading & put it all to work. 

This system includes only those tools that truly work & have proven to keep me on track, productive & accountable all year long!

Mobile App 


Access our community hub and course portals on any mobile device or computer. 

I'm Amber.


A life-loving, mother of 3 and an eclectic, mind-empowerment mentor with a healthy rebellious attitude and a longing to see more people being true to their needs and desires - living happier unbound lives, their way!

Overcoming a period of anxiety & self-neglect in early motherhood, I've been on a 9-year journey to move from a disempowered experience into a fully empowered experience of life, motherhood, and entrepreneurship.

I empower women to reconnect with who they were always designed to be so that they can confidently, successfully, and happily forge a uniquely aligned path through life and business.

➡️ Founder of The Limitless Mum Academy

➡️ Hypnotherapist

➡️ EFT & NLP Practitioner

➡️ Human Design Guide

➡️ Aligned Living 'Philosopher'

➡️ Mindset and Confidence Mentor

Unleash The Limitless Mum Within You!


The Limitless Mum Academy Membership is your ticket to an abundant and fulfilling life. 

Join our community of ambitious mums, dedicated to making their dreams a reality. 

You no longer have to put your own desires on hold; now is the time to prioritize your happiness and well-being.


Join Today and Transform Your Life! 


Enroll in The Limitless Mum Academy for just £66 per month!


It's time to invest in yourself and step into the limitless potential within you.


Embrace the power to manifest the life you deserve 


Your journey to a limitless and joyous life begins now! 

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